Wednesday, December 10, 2008

White Christmas

Just a quick note to say that I will soon be back amongst the lumpy New Hampshire landscape for a couple of weeks, and, as you can see here from last year's expedition with Jane in the Notch, it's somewhat different to Suffolk. But not much; there's always that 100 meter rise out of Clare to deal with.

So it's the White Mountains and, on the coast by my Mom's house, Lupo's Bar and Grill, which of course doesn't have anything so jejune as a website, (hence no link) and has non-stop ice hockey on the tv above the bar. It tends to score fairly low (if at all) on foodie indices. Imagine, in a place far away, a small place right on the ocean that's boarded over the windows with a sea view, with plastic lobsters in fishnets over the bar, and choppsy 60-year-old waitresses your mom is on first name terms with when they bring her that first scotch on the rocks, along with slightly left-too-long-in-the-fryer clam rolls.


ho ho ho



Anonymous said...

you better reign in your sarcasm about lupos, your mom might catch wind of it and not let you go to breakfast with her.


Anonymous said...

thought you would like this

kbop said...

no sarcasm, not even a soupcon of irony, just a heartfelt tribute to places I am inexorably drawn back to; overdone clam rolls and all.


Honorclare said...

sounds like an amazing place to be, far away. Refreshing to be around mountains. Mountains lift the soul and give fresh inspiration, I find.